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Handmade soaps and flavored lip balms inspired by mixed drinks and craft beers.


About Our Products

Aromaholic makes soaps and lip balms that are scented and flavored like classic cocktails, modern mixed drinks, and craft beers. Our passion is creating innovative and fun body care products that work great and are pleasing to the senses.

We use high-quality, genuinely natural ingredients in crafting our cocktail-inspired products. The unique scents of Aromaholic handmade soaps and delicious flavors of lip balms make everyday body care an intoxicating experience. Cheers!

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Handmade Cocktail and Craft Beer Scented Soaps by Aromaholic

Cocktail and Craft Beer Soaps

Handmade Cocktail Scented Soaps by Aromaholic

Indulge in our richly-scented soaps - with no morning-after regret! We formulate our cold-process soaps to be awesome cleansers with a rich fluffy lather.

The scents are Aromaholic's original and complex blends: different natural essential oils combine to form amazing aromas that are reminiscent of their namesake drinks without being too literal.

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Cocktail Flavored Lip Balms

Liquor up your lips with our line of cocktail-flavored natural lip balms! Nourishing natural ingredients like creamy cocoa butter, locally-sourced beeswax, and nutrient-rich avocado or sweet almond oils form the base for these moisturizing balms.

We add a little essential and/or natural organic flavor oils to create the taste of drinks ranging from mojitos and martinis to ales and porters.

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 Cocktail and Craft Beer Flavored Lip Balms by Aromaholic

Seasonal and Limited Edition Products

Handmade Cocktail Scented Candles by Aromaholic

In addition to our cocktail-scented soaps and flavored lip balms, we also offer other seasonal or limited edition products.

Aromaholic bath bombs, candles, and solid perfumes are a few of the items we've had in the past - check to see what's in stock today on our Etsy shop!